Top 10 Tracking Tools

There are a lot of preferable affiliate marketing tools. The following are top ten best tools used by most affiliate marketers;

1. Everflow.io

It is the best affiliate marketing tracking software in the market with an impressive UI and a large feature set. It has an advanced campaign manager and reporting functionality. Some of its notable features include live data feed in form of reports and graphs, advanced media buying tools, advanced notification system, traffic partitioning and multidimensional analytics and reporting system.

2. AffTrack

It is the most leveraged software by big affiliate tracking systems. To make it even better, it is the only SaaS solution provider that offers unlimited clicks. It has a mobile friendly interface, proxy detection service, file manager, unlimited affiliates and advertisers among other tremendous features.

3. Hitpath

With Hitpath, you can add attributes to various factors of your digital marketing endeavors. It is also one of the most client friendly affiliate marketing tools. Among its outstanding features include the accounting module, real-time campaigns tracking, pleasant interface and affiliate management.

4. Impact radius

It has been in service since 2008, creating a buzz ever since. Its key features include; call tracking, automation of on-boarding, monitoring promo codes among others.

5. Click Inc

It was created for affiliate marketers who aren’t good enough in HTML. Its TruLink format is an impressive tool used in boosting SEO since it provides a direct link to your sales page instead of using a coded link. Its signature keys include traffic status commissioning, insightful reports production, and advanced management tools.

6. HasOffers

This software has over 11,500 online businesses, making it have a large affiliate base. Besides, it supports a wide variety of global brands Zynga, Social Living and Social. Its outstanding features include fraud protection tools, 99% tracking uptime, unlimited affiliates, comprehensive API among others.

7. Voluum

It is the preferable software to track, control, assess and optimize the affiliate marketing campaigns. Its features include the ability to separate and control traffic by OS type or device, easy creation, and management of both black and white lists with its CPA dashboard among others.


This is the most robust management tool for monitoring and optimizing your affiliate networks. It is also cloud based removing the need to reserve large memory resources. It has a variety of impressive features such as real-time metrics preparation, pixel management, referral rewards, and fraud protection and so on.

9. Post Affiliate Pro

It comes with over 170 CMS and best payment systems. What make it a truly remarkable affiliate marketing tool are the 2700 companies that trust in it globally. Some of its features include multilingual support, a range of themes, affiliate link styles, customizable interface, and trends report among others.


It has the ability to track calls, sales conversion, leads and even networks. It can also optimize and track the level of success of your affiliate marketing endeavors with great efficiency. Its interface is fully customizable making it user-friendly and flexible at the same time. Its features include lead distribution and management, campaigns management, real-time reporting, mobile tracking, fraud detection among others.


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