Tools to Split-Test Your Affiliate Landing Pages

When you are to do business, it is basic that you are to delve into marketing as well. You will need to do some promotions for your products and services in order for people to buy them from you. This can be through the use of social networking sites and/or your very own website.

But more than that, you can be able to build your online presence and earn a better income with the help of affiliate marketing. It is a procedure wherein marketers will register to your programme and if you trust and approve of their standing on the Web, you can then give out affiliate links for them to utilise as they do the advertising.

Nevertheless, when it comes to affiliate marketing strategies, there is more that you ought to know. One of them would be split testing. It is an effective method for you to gauge the outcome of the promotions that have been done. Through it, you will be able to see whether the conversion rate (reader to paying customer turnout) is increasing or just at a standstill.

Now, for an affiliate website or blog, you can split test through buttons and banners. Split test here then means that these links will take you to different landing pages and from there, you need to determine which of them has higher conversion to subsequently utilise it more in the future.

Well, there are many tools out there that can quickly and easily calculate the process of split testing. Here are some:

  1. Google Analytics Content Experiments (previously Google Website Optimiser)
  • Up to 10 variations of a landing page with separate URLs
  • Define the users to include in the experiment
  • Choose what to test
  • Compare conversion of web pages
  • Be updated thru email about your experiments
  • Free
  1. Split Testing Pro
  • Start testing even within one minute
  • Split test without affecting your search engine rank
  • Real time experiment with as many versions
  • Automatic usage of the landing page with highest conversion
  • 60 day, money back guarantee
  1. Visual Website Optimiser
  • Easy setup
  • Edit landing pages without doing any coding
  • Real time reporting of experiment results
  • Choose your target audience
  • Analysis of revenue
  • Start with free trial
  1. Open X
  • Test banner ads
  • Has launched its mobile version
  • Access many advertisers
  1. Split Testing
  • Real time phone communication for setup
  • Test elements from forms, images, layouts, etc.
  • Tracking of visitors
  • Free
  1. Five Second Test
  • Test within five seconds (first impressions)
  • Quick user feedback
  • Free but you can upgrade for more features
  1. Crazy Egg
  • Add tracking code to webpages
  • Five report production: heat map, scroll map, confetti map, overlay and list view
  • Free trial for 30 days

Whichever you choose is according to your needs and preferences. But all in all, they perform well when it comes to their split testing duties.


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