The concept of paying commissions and sharing revenues started way before the invention of the internet. Amazon, however, is one of the pioneer users of the concept. In July 1996 Amazon established Amazon associates who could place text links or banners on their websites for individual books or provide a direct link to Amazon home page. An associate would receive a commission whenever a visitor clicked on the links and ended up buying a book from Amazon. Since then, affiliate marketing has grown tremendously to even overlap with other internet marketing techniques. Affiliate marketing is now a formidable form of marketing with the more effective use of the advertising budget to businesses, easy tracking, partnership and collaboration marketing method. One individual who has benefitted from affiliate marketing is Seth Hampton, an ex-gamer who is now a successful affiliate marketer. Seth was first introduced to affiliate marketing when he was contacted by the local video game distributor to market his games among online friends who were gamers as well. He started by promoting them on his social media accounts before registering for full-time marketing where he created his website and started providing links leading directly to the video game distributor’s site. He now markets video games for dozens of other distributors.