How To Setup Tracking202

The Maxbounty window has three sections with blue headings. The first section deals with Campaigns; the send section has Advanced Tracking Options while the third section is dedicated to Creatives. Tracking begins with Advanced Tracking Options which has two text boxes; Sub-ID and Callback Pixel/URL.

Begin by choosing your campaign in the Campaign Permissions section. Return to the Advanced Tracking Options section and type test in the Sub-ID text box and click on the red Save Pixel button located beside it. On hitting the button, a pop-up box is displayed with a Maxbounty URL for the author. A URL variable called s1 with a value of the test can be spotted near the middle of the URL (Maxbounty has only two Sub-IDs; s1 and s2 with s1 being the default Sub-ID). With the box still open, switch to your Tracking202 account. Return to the dialog box and copy the URL and paste it in Affiliate URL text box in your Trackinhg202 account. Replace the test variable of s1 in the URL with the Sub-ID token by highlighting test and clicking on [[subid]] button located below the text box. In the Affiliate Network box, select Maxbounty then type mb test or any other name you please in the Campaign Name box. Indicate the payment amount inside the Payout $ box. Add and save the details by clicking on the Add button below the boxes. At this point, you have established the campaign.

The next thing to do is to get the postback pixels by clicking on the Get Postback/Pixel link at the top right corner of your Trackinhg202 account. You can see a Postback URL located at the bottom of the page with spots for Amount and SubID close to the end of the link. Copy the URL into a word processor to convert it into a text file so that you can work on it easily. Return to Maxbounty page and click on what’s this? Help like located next to Callback Pixel/URL text box so that you can view the code snippets (tokens) for each value returned in Callback. For each token displayed, there is a corresponding value return explanation displayed beside it. Therefore, copy the rate token and plug it just after the = sign in Amount section of the URL you placed in the word processor. Return and copy the s1 token and plug it in subID part of the URL just after the = sign. All these are Maxbounty tokens. Copy the eventual URL, return to Maxbounty page and paste it into the Callback Pixel/URL text box. Proceed to click on Save Pixel button beside it save finalize the process.

From this point on, when a conversion happens, it is automatically filed and displayed inside Prosper.


Top Three Affiliate Tracking Software

Tracking software are available to manage your affiliate marketing program. The tracking software listed and described below are considered the best as per reviews and feedback.

1. HasOffers Affiliate Tracking

Few Features:

  • Created in 2009, Has Offers has been the leader in innovation in terms of affiliate tracking and management ever since.
  • More than 11,500 businesses already use Has Offers including Living Social, Sears, TapJoy, Zynga and more.
  • “Software as a Service” – pay a small service fee for each recorded click.
  • Complete customer satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Try it for free for 30 days – no obligation, you can cancel anytime!

2.  HitPath

Few Features: 

  • Modern technology developed with customer demands in mind.
  • Scalable and versatile technology that is both trustworthy and precise.
  • Enjoy modern technology and software program options that adjust and expand with your company.
  • Accurate – not a solitary smash hit or sale is missed out on with this outstanding software program.
  • Lots well balanced hardware and a specialized server for every customer ensures the most effective possible service.
  • API’s and internet hosting servers flawlessly integrate with your very own procedures.
  • Free one-on-one training to help you obtain the most from HitPath.

3. Interneka

Few Features:

  • Completely adjustable – you pick the payment versions and scales to be utilized.
  • Multi-currency assistance and multi-payment technique abilities.
  • Real-time reporting tracks, presents and displays one of the most up-to-date details regarding associate efficiency.
  • Total control over your associates, and therefore, your earnings!
  • No covert network compensations or additional prices.
  • Incomparable customer service support, 24 hours a day.
  • High quality and supreme reliability – keep a high standard of excellence throughout.

Tools to Split-Test Your Affiliate Landing Pages

When you are to do business, it is basic that you are to delve into marketing as well. You will need to do some promotions for your products and services in order for people to buy them from you. This can be through the use of social networking sites and/or your very own website.

But more than that, you can be able to build your online presence and earn a better income with the help of affiliate marketing. It is a procedure wherein marketers will register to your programme and if you trust and approve of their standing on the Web, you can then give out affiliate links for them to utilise as they do the advertising.

Nevertheless, when it comes to affiliate marketing strategies, there is more that you ought to know. One of them would be split testing. It is an effective method for you to gauge the outcome of the promotions that have been done. Through it, you will be able to see whether the conversion rate (reader to paying customer turnout) is increasing or just at a standstill.

Now, for an affiliate website or blog, you can split test through buttons and banners. Split test here then means that these links will take you to different landing pages and from there, you need to determine which of them has higher conversion to subsequently utilise it more in the future.

Well, there are many tools out there that can quickly and easily calculate the process of split testing. Here are some:

  1. Google Analytics Content Experiments (previously Google Website Optimiser)
  • Up to 10 variations of a landing page with separate URLs
  • Define the users to include in the experiment
  • Choose what to test
  • Compare conversion of web pages
  • Be updated thru email about your experiments
  • Free
  1. Split Testing Pro
  • Start testing even within one minute
  • Split test without affecting your search engine rank
  • Real time experiment with as many versions
  • Automatic usage of the landing page with highest conversion
  • 60 day, money back guarantee
  1. Visual Website Optimiser
  • Easy setup
  • Edit landing pages without doing any coding
  • Real time reporting of experiment results
  • Choose your target audience
  • Analysis of revenue
  • Start with free trial
  1. Open X
  • Test banner ads
  • Has launched its mobile version
  • Access many advertisers
  1. Split Testing
  • Real time phone communication for setup
  • Test elements from forms, images, layouts, etc.
  • Tracking of visitors
  • Free
  1. Five Second Test
  • Test within five seconds (first impressions)
  • Quick user feedback
  • Free but you can upgrade for more features
  1. Crazy Egg
  • Add tracking code to webpages
  • Five report production: heat map, scroll map, confetti map, overlay and list view
  • Free trial for 30 days

Whichever you choose is according to your needs and preferences. But all in all, they perform well when it comes to their split testing duties.


Set Up Your Tracking Software

Depending on the Software you use, the software gives you a step by step process to integrate the tracking software in your website.

From the source: Pro Affiliate Pro, the integration is basically almost the same.

Integration is a way to attach the associate system to your current internet site, buying cart or payment portal in a manner that the member system will be alerted concerning referrals and investments.

The member system signs up the sale (locates the affiliate which referred the particular sale/lead and and makes proper compensation for him)when being alerted.

Combination often means including couple of lines of code into your web pages, and it is explained step-by-step in the Integration guide for a lot of typical purchasing carts and settlement systems.

Integration is essential for the appropriate procedure of the affiliate program, so make sure your member device tracks your leads, sales and/or clicks.

Clicks tracking

Clicks tracking assimilation is required so that the member system properly tracks the references.
What is a reference? When a prospect clicks any associate link or banner and reaches your site. Then the visitor is referred by that specific associate.

To track the clicks in your website you must add a JavaScript monitoring code (‘clicks tracking’ code) into your web pages. The finest means is to put it to a page footer design template, so it will certainly be included in all the pages.

Sales / Leads tracking

This is a combination with your shopping cart or repayment entrance system. The integration approach varies relying on the purchasing cart you use. You can discover all sustained approaches in the Sales / Leads tracking screen in the merchant panel.

The video below shows Tracking202 tutorial on  how to track your Maxbounty campaigns with Prosper202.